Thinking the future anew through art and philosophy - The Art of Transformation

Vorstellungskraft X works with internationally renowned artists and philosophers to initiate and accompany transformation processes in companies.

»The special approach, the results, and the entire project with Vorstellungskraft X have inspired me a lot. Thank you for the exciting collaboration!«

Peter Gerber


Condor Airlines

»Vorstellungskraft X bridges the gap between business and art with innovative approaches. Together, we have created exciting results.«

Christina Foerster

Member of the Executive Board - Brand and Sustainability

Lufthansa Group

»The workshop with our young entrepreneurs has unexpectedly opened up new perspectives on themselves and their business field for all participants.«

Ullrich Lüke

Head of Corporate Communications


Vorstellungskraft X

Why Vorstellungskraft X?

How can we shape a different future if we are not able to imagine it? Against the backdrop of massive societal and economic transformation processes, imagination becomes an indispensable resource to address the changes that will be necessary in the next 20 years. The good news is that imagination is a muscle that we can train. For this purpose, we have developed programs that bring together companies and artists. Because artists have always been specialists in imagination, creativity, and envisioning the future.

Who are we?

Vorstellungskraft X is led by Prof. Dr. Friedrich von Borries, Professor at the University of Fine Arts Hamburg and Dr. Torsten Fremer, board member of the agency group Units United and managing director of the agency Klubhaus in Cologne and Alexander Doudkin, interdisciplinary start-up and non-profit entrepreneur from Berlin. The initiators combine artistic creativity with entrepreneurial curiosity. Well-known and successful artists (literature, music, visual arts, film) from around the world are involved in the programs of Vorstellungskraft X.

Fantasiemuskel - The Podcast

In the Monopol podcast »Fantasiemuskel« Friedrich von Borries and Torsten Fremer speak with experts from business, science, politics, and art about how we can better shape the future with imagination and fantasy, and the role that art can play in it. (German only)